There’s no arguing that Google Search is the world’s largest search engine. It would be foolish not to advise anyone wanting to drive traffic to include Google in their traffic and lead generation strategy. But let’s not overlook another very significant source of low-cost, high-quality search traffic – Bing Search.

In this post, I’ll share some important reasons to include Bing in your traffic strategy.

Bing Accounts for 30% of Search

While Bing may not be on par with Google, 30% of market share (20% on Bing and 10% on Yahoo, which is powered by Bing) is nothing to sneeze at. There’s just no way any business owner would knowingly ignore 30% of their market.

Less Competition=Lower Cost

This may be the biggest advantage to advertising on Bing. Since Google owns the largest market share, most businesses are competing for ad space there. Pay-per-click (PPC) works on a bidding system, which means to compete for the best traffic, costs per click go up accordingly. With far less competition on Bing, you’ll pay, on average around 33% less for high-quality leads. Small businesses that are on tight budgets can realize significant savings on Bing.

Excellent Targeting

While at one time Bing was ahead of Google here, this is one area where Google has closed the gap in recent years. Still, Bing affords excellent targeting, such as location, device type, age, gender, interests, and time of day. Although the two platforms are about equal now, the ability to target just as precisely at a much lower cost makes Bing a great PPC source.

Microsoft Owns a Big Market Share and is Growing

Microsoft Surface, Surface Phone (Andromeda), Xbox One, and the Microsoft Band all use Bing Search by default. And don’t forget that Cortana uses it too. Microsoft is working on several fronts to capture more of the market share and given it’s track record, there’s no reason to believe they won’t remain one of the key stakeholders.

Avoiding Risk

It makes sense not to put all of your marketing eggs in a single basket. While Google may be king at the moment, all of that could change. Google’s not going anywhere soon, but things do happen and ignoring a key player like Microsoft is a big mistake. Having familiarity with Bing should the market shift, could be a huge advantage for you and your business. If you’d like to learn more about how you can take advantage of Bing in your lead generation strategy, have a look at our Free Report.

Scott Anders

Scott Anders

Founder and CEO, Southern Arizona Digital Marketing and DecideToBeFreeOnline

Scott Anders is a digital marketing trainer and consultant living in Southern Arizona. After more than 30 years in corporate life, including the US Army, he began pursuing his passions as an entrepreneur in 2016. He loves helping small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs take advantage of the incredible opportunities available in the digital economy to enjoy greater freedom and fulfillment.