1.3 Billion daily users. That’s a staggering figure! That’s how many people are on Facebook every single day, day after day. On a monthly basis, over 2 Billion people are using Facebook.

79% of Americans use Facebook. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is the next leading social media platform with 32% of Americans using it. Of the entire world’s population, more than 22% are on Facebook.

Every single Facebook user, when they sign up, agrees to be monitored by Facebook, which means every like, share, page they like, comment, group they join, and ads they click are monitored and recorded by Facebook. Not only that, but think for a moment about all of the demographic information every user willingly submits to their profile. Not only individuals, but businesses, as well. And let’s not forget about Messenger. Every user’s activities there are also monitored, tracked, and targeted.

The Facebook algorithm is incredibly powerful, and it’s easy to see why. Facebook gathers massive amounts of information that ultimately feeds what is unquestionably the world’s most powerful, highly-targeted marketing platform. In short, you can make a lot of money by learning how to properly advertise and promote your business on Facebook.

So, then, are you taking advantage of this incredible marketing machine for your business? If not, it’s time to seriously consider jumping in. But first, lets’s make sure you know how to do it right.

While Facebook can be your greatest ally in growing your business, let’s not be naive to the fact that Facebook’s algorithm is designed, first and foremost, to make money for Facebook. You can use the platform the right way and make money for your business, or you can use it the wrong way and lose money and struggle. Either way, Facebook will make money. So let’s talk about how to avoid some of the biggest Facebook advertising mistakes and make it a win-win.

Start Slow

When I first started on Facebook, I put together a handful of ads, funded at low budget and as soon as I saw my cost per lead at an acceptable amount, I scaled it up. In a few short months I had generated some 2,500 leads and spent more than $13,000. There was just one problem – my leads weren’t converting. DON’T DO THIS!

Start with a free campaign, gather some data, then put together an experimental campaign. Start with a small budget, learn how to read your numbers, optimize campaigns and gradually build it. When you have a good conversion rate, then you can scale.

Surefire Ways to Look Like a Spammer

The last thing you want to be thought of on social media is a spammer. The name of the game on Facebook is to build trust by providing value first. Here are some sure fire ways to undermine yourself and look like a spammer.

  • Join groups and then start posting your promotional content all over them.
  • Promote direct affiliate links and sales pages.
  • Set up publication tools to just pull any and all content from Facebook that has something to do with your keywords and blast them out.
  • Rotating and republishing the same content over and over.

Don’t Quit

Allot of Facebook newbies have a one-time, big-time mindset. They’ve heard how awesome Facebook traffic is so they put put their hard-earned money behind an ad campaign. If the campaign doesn’t meet their expectations (and until they learn how to do it right, it probably won’t) they pull the plug, insist that Facebook ads don’t work and quit altogether. Even for an experienced marketer, it’s likely that only 1 in 5 ad campaigns will be successful, but a single funnel can make you a ton of money! Advertising is largely trial and error, optimizing, and realizing when to stop and reset. Commit to learning how to do it right and never, ever, quit!

Fail Quickly

As I said, even for experienced marketers, only about 1 in 5 ads will be successful. All too often I’ve seen (and been the one who’s done it) people launch a campaign and watch…and watch…and watch as it continues to spend without converting. Get enough data on your campaign to realize whether it truly is a winner or not. Don’t get emotionally attached to your creatives. If they don’t perform, turn them off and start a new one. Save your money and use it to find a winning ad.

Learn the Platform

Facebook has done an enormous amount of work to make their ads manager interface intuitive and user-friendly, but too often, I see people approach it without the commitment to really learn and understand what it can deliver for their business. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to sit down at your computer and master it in just a few sittings. You’re going to have to commit to learning it’s capabilities and nuances before you can start realizing the massive benefits for your business. Facebook offers a variety of ad objectives that you need to take the time to learn before you can take full advantage of them, which ones are right for your business and the market you’re trying to reach. There are three main ad objective categories, each with sub-objectives.

Ad Objectives


  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach


  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Engagement
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages


  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store visits


I’m a believer that almost every business can benefit from an effective Facebook advertising strategy. The key is in learning to properly use this incredibly powerful platform to meet the marketing objectives throughout your sales funnel. Learning it on your own is possible, but could be very, very costly. Getting some help is a wise a decision. If you’re not sure if marketing on Facebook really is the right move for your business, then check out this FREE GUIDE “10 Reasons You’re Missing Out if You Don’t Market on Facebook”. I think you’ll see that it makes a lot of sense.

Scott Anders

Scott Anders

Founder and CEO, Southern Arizona Digital Marketing and DecideToBeFreeOnline

Scott Anders is a digital marketing trainer and consultant living in Southern Arizona. After more than 30 years in corporate life, including the US Army, he began pursuing his passions as an entrepreneur in 2016. He loves helping small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs take advantage of the incredible opportunities available in the digital economy to enjoy greater freedom and fulfillment.